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Distribution of Pharmaceuticals


Distribution of Pharmaceuticals

We pursue margin-oriented initiatives through an effective implementation of the pharmaceutical product management system in different therapeutic categories.

NEUCA Group provides services to 600 manufacturers. Our commercial offer includes ca. 17,000 pharmaceutical products and medical materials selected on the basis of the market demand. For this purpose, the market has been classified and divided in terms of therapeutic groups, into categories managed by a highly specialized group of managers.

The assortment belonging to particular groups is worked out through a verification of actual market needs with the emphasis on the analysis of costs and benefits for the distributor, for the pharmacy and for the patient as well as of the manufacturer's market position. Such a precise breakdown allowed to identify one particularly important group of products, the so–called B Category including about 3,500 preparations and generating the highest margins for the organisation and for the customers. To contribute to a rising share of such assortment in sales a number of activities and additional projects are undertaken, such as Partner+ and ZYSK+ programs or building a framework for the selection of preparations for marketing campaigns based on B category. Thus it is possible to arrive at a product portfolio which is optimal for the customer/patient and at the same time permits to maximise benefits in the entire supply chain.

Monthly over 11,000 pharmacies use promotional offers of our trading companies. Thanks to partner relations, each month approximately 200 manufacturers, representing 3,900 reference items, are actively involved in marketing activities of the Group.

These services providing numerical as well as weighted distribution enable to produce competitive advantages by increasing market shares of selected products in different therapeutic categories.

In our regular assortment range promotions are of large importance.



We support independent pharmacies

In NEUCA Group, behind each of our activities there is always the Mission of the Company: We provide a better future to all independent pharmacies in Poland.

We try to properly and timely respond to the needs of our customers and to ever changing market environment.

Pharmacists cooperating with NEUCA Group are offered support and development already at their education stage (Pharmaceutical Faculties). We accompany our customers at every stage of the development of their pharmacies, while ensuring the loyalty, knowledge, experience and a range of business solutions.



ZYSK+ is a program for independent pharmacies to support them in their sales to the patients and to contribute to the pharmacy profitability growth.

ZYSK+ was designed so that the support granted to the pharmacies contributes to their success in the market.

Thanks to the services delivered by NEUCA Group under ZYSK+ program the pharmacies:

  • obtain additional financing in the form of rebates received on purchases of preparations from a special dedicated list,
  • have the opportunity to generate unlimited benefits depending only on the level of their involvement in the program,
  • receive an efficient and automatic system to motivate their employees in the form of prepaid cards onto which selling bonuses are transferred (ZYSK+ Benefit),
  • are given support in the development of sales competences of their staff,
  • get access to tools and solutions used in chain pharmacies,
  • are granted rebates for purchases of the Pharmacist Brand preparations (the only program offering rebates for APTEO®, PLUS DLA SKÓRY™ and GENOPTIM® products),
  • and have guarantees to stay fully independent.

In 2016, our activities will be primarily geared towards an even more active support for selling to the patients. We want to increase the number of pharmacies where ZYSK+ Benefit motivation systems and pulse zone management solutions are already in place. We also expect to launch new tools that will allow the owners to reach even higher levels of benefits.



Partner+ is a new partnership program of support for independent pharmacies which was first offered by NEUCA Group in the second half of 2014.

In accordance with its underlying assumptions, it has become the most advanced program out of the entire portfolio of support programs contributing to active and dynamic development of the pharmacies.


To achieve its primary objective reflected in the motto "We support the development of Your Pharmacy", the program covered areas which are the most critical for pharmacy operations, providing the participating customers with access to:

  • a set of advanced tools and services that contribute to a continuous growth in margins generated by the pharmacies and an improving profitability of their operations,
  • professional business consulting services provided by a dedicated comprehensive team of coordinators whose constant care is focused around developing business acumen of pharmacists working in the pharmacies,
  • comprehensive support permitting the pharmacies to raise business efficiency in areas such as: selection of the optimal width of the range available in the pharmacy, pharmacy inventory optimisation, price management for products sold by the pharmacy, lawful marketing and promotional activities directed to patients or pharmacy display management,
  • an additional source of revenues resulting from a synergy–based cooperation as a part of trilateral relations pharmacy – supplier – manufacturer and from other synergies achieved in other services.

The strategy for 2016 provides for a further dynamic development of Partner+ program both in terms of the number of participating pharmacies and of its shape.


Partner+ program will be be supplemented by services provided under Partner module program (former name Świat Zdrowia Partner). Currently, dedicated units are established to draw up a timetable for the implementation of the program. The new revised formula will be aimed at both customers participating in the program in its existing form as well as new customers interested in joining the program.


Patients Assistance Program

Patients Assistance Program is implemented in almost 4,000 pharmacies and medical clinics. PAP offers support for pharmacists in fulfilling their mission including pharmaceutical care and actions targeted on patients, including preventive health care, education and improvement to the quality of life.

The program is also aimed at the integration and consolidation with other healthcare entities. Through cooperation with Świat Zdrowia medical clinics and non–governmental organisations we build a new dimension of health education.

n 2015, PAP was enriched with free mobile diagnostic tests. More than 6,000 spyrometric tests were made. About 6,500 patients were diagnosed against the diseases of the cardiovascular system. There is a wide interest in the program from pharmacists and patients. 

In 2016 we will help pharmacists and educate the patients in the following health problems:

  • cardiovascular diseases,
  • respiratory diseases,
  • movement dysfunctions,
  • diabetes and obesity,
  • cutaneous conditions,
  • depressions and mental disorders,
  • urinary incontinence

as well as other mass disorders.

Mobile health clinics will appear all over Poland to improve awareness and knowledge of patients across the country.


Outstanding customer service

We reported PLN 6.95 bn in revenues generating sales 6% higher than in 2014. In 2015, we were reaching the market and customers through structures including 90 sales representatives.

Last year NEUCA Group consistently strengthened its position in the market, developed its activities and improved its range of products and services for the customers. By increasing the scale of operations, the Group got a stronger bargaining position in relations with its business partners which directly translated to more effective implementation of the mission to provide a better future to all independent pharmacies in Poland. 

In 2015 we completed sales to nearly 850 public and private hospitals. In the segment of non–pharmacy sales we reach 2,500 entities (doctor’s offices, hospices, prisons, social care establishments, etc.).

One of the most important strategic directions, and one of the key NEUCA values is customer satisfaction.

We continue advanced works on the CRM project. For NEUCA it is primarily a way to implement the strategy and mission of the Group aimed at preparing a dedicated customer service best suited to the needs both in terms of the range of offering as well as the quality of service.

We develop the project named OTIF (on time in full) perfectly supplementing the order delivery customer satisfaction indicator — one of the key processes for the organisation. We want to improve it through its redefinition and implementation of the process quality measurement from the perspective of the customers' needs and satisfaction. This approach ensures reaching one of the strategic objectives, namely providing services individually tailored and agreed with each of the customers.

Throughout the entire 2015, we worked on the continuous improvement of customer service processes, both through ongoing operational work based on satisfaction surveys and internal quality level ratios as well as new projects which in conjunction with the CRM project will bring a significantly noticeable improvement in the quality of service. All of these activities will be continued in 2016.

Having the support of independent pharmacies in the development of their business in mind, at the end of the year we introduced a pharmacy advisor position in our sales structures. His/her task is to support the resale of selected preparations, as well as to help pharmacies in the development of competences.


Logistics services for the manufacturer

NEUCA has many years of experience in designing and implementing modern distribution solutions.

Through its subsidiaries: Farmada Transport, NEUCA Logistyka, NEKK and INFONIA, besides core business activities, we provide logistic and marketing services such as:

  • national and international transport,
  • warehousing,
  • lease of space for pharmaceutical wholesalers,
  • call centre,
  • helpline,
  • a wide range of promotion and marketing services — from leaflets to media campaigns,
  • "tailored" services developed according to the needs of the client and combining all the above elements.

More than 20 manufacturers entrusted NEUCA with a variety of such projects. Among them there are the key suppliers of medicines on the market, including: Sanofi, Novartis, GlaxoSmithKline, AstraZeneca, Eli Lilly, Boehringer Ingelheim, Astellas and many others.


Synoptis Pharma

Synoptis Pharma is a dynamically growing technology company. It manufactures and registers drugs leveraging on our core competencies.

Competencies Synoptis Pharma:

High–class professionals responsible for the registration of our products ensure their compliance with the requirements imposed by relevant authorities: Chief Sanitary Inspector, Office for Registration of Medicinal Products, Medical Devices and Biocidal Products and the Chief Pharmaceutical Inspector. Registration dossiers prepared for medicinal products, food supplements, cosmetics and medical devices are developed in accordance with applicable Polish and European laws and guidelines. Thus, the medicinal products are registered in accordance with the national as well as European procedures.

Quality assurance and control (QA/QC)
We work only with the manufacturing sites which, for the sake of the highest quality and safety of their products, have in place GMP, HACCP, BRC, IFS, GHP or ISO systems depending on the status of their manufactured products. We supervise and monitor manufacturing processes through a qualification of raw materials suppliers and quality audits at subcontractors. We test all our products before marketing. We care about the quality and safety of all offered products throughout their entire life which is why we carry out stability tests not only for medicinal products, but also for food supplements and other products having the food status.

In 2015, we accepted 1,086 deliveries of Apteo®, PLUS DLA SKÓRY™ and Genoptim®, i.e. for almost 27,000,000 products. All deliveries were thoroughly checked by QA/QC team in Ołtarzew. In the same time we sold almost 29,000,000 pieces. Only a small percentage of those products had quality defects. The complaint ratio for the year 2015 amounted to 0.02%.

Research & Development Office is responsible for a reimbursement of our medicinal products. It prepares all the documentation, including requests for official pricing and for entering the products on the reimbursement lists.

Taking care for the health and safety of patients, we discharge our pharmacovigilance obligations. We follow applicable internal procedures and national as well as European laws. Our specialists collect, evaluate and draw conclusions from reports on possible adverse reactions in order to continuously monitor risk and benefits.


Synoptis Industrial

Synoptis Industrial is the first manufacturing company of NEUCA Group which started operations in the fourth quarter 2014. Its mission is to offer a full portfolio of contracted production services for the pharmaceutical industry.

Synoptis Industrial works in a variety of business areas for internal needs of NEUCA Group as well as provides the following external services:

  • manufacturing and packaging tablets and capsules,
  • importing products from outside the European Union,
  • laboratory batch quality control,
  • related to marketing authorisations in the EU,
  • manual repacking of products for the industries listed below:
    – cosmetic,
    – pharmaceutical,
    – clinical trials.

We use the latest technology solutions in the processes of manufacturing, packaging and quality system management in order to deliver pharmaceutical products and dietary supplements that meet the stringent requirements of the European Union.

Our quality policy is based on the guidelines which may be found in the European GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and ICH (International Conference on Harmonisation).

We follow PDCA (plan−do−check−act) philosophy which means we are an organisation based on learning and constant improvements to the quality of processes and delivered services.


We provide the pharmacies with interesting benefits as part of the Pharmacist Brand offering.

Plus Dla Skóry

PLUS DLA SKÓRY cosmetics were created in collaboration with renowned Polish cosmetic laboratories which guarantee a high quality of the products. For manufacturing we use modern ingredients and proprietary formulations while maintaining affordable prices for the final consumers. Currently, the range includes over 70 products.

In 2015, we extended this offer and introduced new lines of pharmacy sunbathing cosmetics and MEN PLUS Solutions for men's skin care.


For more than 4 years we have been continuously working for success of GENOPTIM® brand – professional brand of generic drugs. The brand offering allows pharmacists to combine their professional mission with a stable business. Meanwhile, the patients are offered an effective and safe therapy at a price that will allow them to purchase prescriptions. Genoptim® brand currently comprises of 44 products in therapeutic categories which are the most popular on the market such as: cardiovascular, digestive, nervous, urological, ophthalmologic and antibiotics. The brand expanded its range by subsequent hospital products.


We also gradually expand the portfolio of APTEO® brand by new preparations. APTEO® is the brand created for pharmacists in response to their most important needs. Its broad portfolio includes dietary supplements, general consumption items, OTC medicinal products, medical devices, care products as well as diagnostic and dressing materials.

Under five sub–lines of the brand we in 2015 we launched 58 new products while maintaining their high quality and attractive pricing.

Sales of our own products to pharmacies


Traditional and Modern Media

We build our relations with the pharmaceutical market through a consistent communication using traditional media — magazines: “Magazyn Aptekarski”, “Świat Zdrowia”, “Moje Zdrowie” and modern media — NEUCA's website, Pharmaceutical and Medical Portal.

MAGAZYN APTEKARSKI: is a monthly magazine aimed at pharmacists and medical doctors, it is known and read by 86% of pharmacists in Poland.

ŚWIAT ZDROWIA: once again was a leader among national magazines about health for patients, reaching over a million readership.

MOJE ZDROWIE: is a monthly magazine for patients focusing on issues related to aging society.

NEUCA.PL: investor relations website is a laureate of the competition Issuer's Gold Website for the best investor relations in the Web.

PORTAL FARMACEUTYCZNO–MEDYCZNY:  is a source of medical knowledge for pharmacists, medical doctors and patients.


Our Logistics Service

In 2015, we completed over 4.5 million deliveries of pharmaceuticals to over 13,000 pharmacies, 2,000 hospitals and entities from health-related areas.

For that purpose we used our logistic structure: 15 warehouses and our fleet of 640 delivery trucks with the last–year mileage of ca. 57 million kilometres. More than 80% of deliveries are carried out from high–performance automated central warehouses.

In 2015, we commissioned a subsequent central warehouse in Wrocław, where procedures were implemented that contribute to its further development, including automation.

In 2015, we implemented a mobile system that provides many benefits to all independent pharmacies, including but not limited to quick posting for deposits, keeping track of each consignment, electronic delivery confirmation. In addition, we use a special system to monitor temperature on–line. Stable quality bases of warehouse processes which we achieved through the implementation of the "5S" are further developed in accordance with the "Lean" philosophy — by implementing statistical tools (among others "tact–time") we produced a non–investment capacity increase for the deliveries (completion), the optimal load of the existing infrastructure and we continue the trend of quality improvements. The warehouse in Toruń as the first one reached the level of "six sigma" quality.


Our Business Support Units

Efficient and effective operations of the Group are possible following the consolidation of services which are shared throughout the entire organization. We carry out our strategy for back office centralisation through the Centre of Modern Services for NEUCA Group entities. The Centre includes the Shared Services Centre (CUW) and IT Centre (CIT).

1. IT Centre

CIT delivers complex and broad IT services, in particular in the following areas:

  • acceptance of development directions for IT business solutions used in NEUCA Group,
  • implementation of innovative IT solutions, improving certain business processes,
  • development of software contributing to NEUCA Group business objectives,
  • IT strategy and architecture,
  • support for the users,
  • managing business applications,
  • managing the IT infrastructure and assuring continuity of IT systems operations.

2. Shared Services Centre

CUW provides comprehensive services to NEUCA Group companies based on uniform standards in the following shared areas:

  • accounting and finance,
  • monitoring of receivables and credit control,
  • human resources and payroll,
  • administration and investments,
  • controlling.

Starting from 2013, CUW provides services not only to pharmacy entities but to entities from other industries too. Comprehensive services such as bookkeeping, including HR and payroll services, as well as additional services in the form of management information and business and organisational consulting, are offered.