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Letter of Chairman of the Supervisory Board of NEUCA SA


Last year, the Group significantly improved its financial results, taking full advantage of synergies resulting from the combination with ACP Pharma, and also benefited from a growing wholesale pharmacy market. NEUCA focused not only on increasing profits, but above all made a big job on improving customer satisfaction. The independent pharmacies were, are, and will be at the centre of the Group's attention. A continuous development of our offer to pharmacists contributes to the improvement of their condition, whereas a still better level of service provided to pharmacies positively affect our position in the market.

As a shareholder I feel great satisfaction that for 25 years we have had the same, consistent strategy of not competing with our customers — independent pharmacies. Moreover, this strategy has been successful and is aptly suited to the prevailing market trends.

Our mission and philosophy is the unchanged which does not mean that NEUCA stands still. Each year, the Group's Board of Directors sets new challenges, realising more and more ambitious financial plans, and at the same time entering into new business areas. In the recent years the Company gained a lot of experience in various segments of the healthcare market. We have had a lot of knowledge not only on the wholesale distribution of pharmaceuticals, but also in the sale of our own products, logistics, advertising, IT. We have deeply understood the needs of pharmacies and decided to further support them, creating services to their customers, i.e. patients.

Already two years ago we started to make the first steps toward launching investments in medical outpatient care clinics. Last year we got involved in clinical trials and telemedicine. We see many synergies between new business areas and our hitherto existing businesses. The cooperation of pharmacies with companies carrying out clinical trials and the telemedical initiative will be pioneering projects. Yet no one in Poland has ever combined expertise in so many areas of the healthcare market. We are looking for innovative solutions in other areas, including those that can raise the level of competitiveness of the core segments of the Group. We focus on innovation and development of new technologies that will increasingly play a significant role in the health market worldwide.

We want NEUCA to create a new quality in the industry also in this area.

I am convinced that our new ventures will be successful and according to announcements of the Board of Directors within a few years they will have a major part in the net profit of the Group. My faith in these perspectives is largely based on our management staff which has repeatedly demonstrated its ability to fulfil the promises and pursue new projects.

Our unique strategy, constantly improving results and interesting projects oriented on the future make me, as an investor, to have long–term plans related to my engagement and involvement in NEUCA. I believe that also this year NEUCA will boast of good results and projects that will contribute to its long–term value growth .

Kazimierz Herba
Chairman of the Supervisory Board