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Market trends


Market Trends

Aging society

The process of aging of the Polish society impacts growth of the market of drugs. Prescriptions issued to persons from the plus 45 age group constitute ca. 80% of all prescriptions issued in the country. Therefore Poland is considered as belonging to the group of European countries where the market growth may turn out to be the most dynamic.

Amendments to the Pharmaceutical Law regulations

Changes to the Polish regulations resulted in lower drug spending. In addition, new laws reduced the availability of drugs for patients due to more limited warehouse stocks and increasing exports of pharmaceuticals.

Search for new areas

There is a rising need for business diversification as well as a growing trend to search for new operating areas on the healthcare market. Entities operating in the industry are looking for services complementary to their core business activities.

Better health awareness

A rising health knowledge leads to changes in consumer behaviour models which may contribute to a growing interest in diet products and high–margin OTC drugs.


Facts and figures

In terms of the size of the local pharmaceutical market, Poland ranks 6th in Europe.

Polish market is two times smaller than the Spanish one where there is a comparable population and slightly larger than the Belgian or Swiss markets with populations several times smaller.

As far as the market size per capita is concerned, Poland occupies one of the last places in Europe, with average spending of EUR 120 per year. Average spending in Poland in relation to the year 2014 increased by ca. 5.3% (ca. 120 vs. 114).