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Services for the health market


ILC is an IT company from NEUCA Group established in 1991.

It develops software and implements IT solutions in enterprises and companies related to the pharmaceutical, medical and sales & service industries.

For the pharmaceutical industry

The company continued to develop advanced reporting and communications platforms for the pharmaceutical market. This allowed NEUCA Group to launch new business offers for the independent pharmacies. In 2015, the IT project for B2B2C channel was completed. This is the first such complex project carried out in NEUCA Group — it is oriented on consumers and aimed at supporting businesses of independent pharmacies.

The integration platform produced last year reached its full production capacity and thus allowed to faultlessly identify products in the market programs. It enhanced significantly the quality of reporting and settlements, thus increasing satisfaction of NEUCA Group's customers.

For the retail industry

In the retail industry ILC continued working with its strategic customers by carrying out large development projects.

In 2015, a new sales platform was commenced to be sold and implemented. This product from the very beginning is acclaimed for ease of deployment, low system requirements, versatile functionality and thoughtful architecture adapted to diverse needs of the retail market.


Advertising services — multi–channel and multi–tool pharma–marketing

The year 2015 was a period of intense development of the multi–channel pharma–marketing offer by NEKK agency. Thanks to NEUCA Group new acquisitions NEKK widened is potential reach by subsequent target groups, such as medical doctors, patients of outpatient care clinics, nurses, thus creating a market advantage unattainable for other pharma–marketing agencies. As a result of these activities, the clients' portfolio and the number of conducted projects grew significantly — the group of regular customers (Angelini, Herbapol Poznań, Bioton, Roche, Bayer, USP) was joined by new entities: Stada, Lohmann, BeOrganic, Lifescan, Voerwag, Sandoz. In addition to the quantitative changes the agency made a qualitative leap, providing strategic, design and software support highly rated by pharmaceutical manufacturers, and translating directly into sales effects for the promoted products.

NEKK carries out NEUCA Group's strategy and participates in its intensive development, implementing pharma–marketing projects based on the new tools and competencies:

  • — a platform for webinars to reach pharmacists and medical doctors with the interactive and personalised educational or promotional contents,
  • — specialist portal enriched by new, professional contents and functionalities,
  • multimedia publications replacing traditional printed materials.

The agency also took part in key projects for NEUCA Group, e.g. communication about activities of the Association Leki Tylko z Apteki, a number of new implementations and rebranding of the portfolio of its own products, loyalty and promotional actions targeted to the entire pharmacy market in Poland.

Important developments in 2015:

  • new pharma–marketing tools in NEKK portfolio (, communication to medical doctors),
  • expansion of the team by Internet and medical marketing competencies,
  • a very high percentage of won tenders (more than 80% of all tenders in which the agency took part).


Services for the patients

The Mission of the NEUCA Group in the patient area

We facilitate access to health care in order to improve the quality of life and a sense of security among patients. By creating value for the patients through a number of synergies, we strengthen the relationship with our strategic clients — independent pharmacies.

We develop a coherent strategy around access to knowledge, products and services for the patients.

  • We allow patients to access high–quality information and knowledge (care in outpatient care clinics).
  • We provide access to the medical products and services (own products and clinical trials).
  • We improve the quality of life and solve health problems of the patients (telemedical solutions).

Thanks to the synergies, we expand the total benefits we offer to independent pharmacies, thus increasing their competitiveness.

We achieve a positive financial effect on the level of margins.

We get a significant financial effect in the form of a contribution to the net profit of the Group visible in the perspective of three years.

Medical outpatient care clinics

In 2015, NEUCA MED acquired subsequent medical outpatient care clinics. Currently, they make up the network of 31 clinics in 6 provinces where the services are provided for nearly 80,000 patients. Every month we give ca. 25,000 specialised advices under the outpatient specialist care. We also provide services for 17,000 employees in the field of occupational medicine.

We work with insurance firms (such as PZU, ALLIANZ, MEDICA, SIGNAL, GENERALI), and as part of the cooperation with medical operators (LUX MED, MEDICOVER, ENEL–MED, POLMED)we serve patients with medical care packages in those companies.

From this year we also have our own IT system to support outpatient care clinics — Mediporta which is also made available on commercial basis to other medical entities.
In 2016, we expect a further development of our network of outpatient care clinics.

Clinical trials

In 2015, the Company acquired three companies operating on the market of clinical trials: Clinport, Bioscience and Medica Pro Familia. In aggregate we operate 8 centres for clinical trials in Poland.


Group was joined by Diabdis, a company carrying out a telemedical diabetology project which we will start to commercialise in 2016 .


In mid–January 2016 the Group was enlarged by which is a sales platform, dedicated to distributing orthopaedic and rehabilitation equipment.