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Socially responsible business


Socially responsible business

We treat the area of corporate social responsibility with the utmost care. Therefore, we developed a comprehensive strategy for this area and commence reporting on our actions in NEUCA Responsible Business Report. Thus we are able to broadly communicate our objectives and priorities as well as subsequent steps taken for their implementation.

With employees in mind

In NEUCA Group social responsibility is understood as caring about employees and collaborators. Knowing that health and well–being affect productivity, we strive to provide them with a sense of security and the conditions to keep the balance between private life and working life.


Depending on their grade, employees have access to a number of non–pay benefits: recreation & sports, private medical care, life insurance and investment fund packages which are complementary to our work compensation system.

In pre–Christmas periods employees are entitled to special benefits in the form of prepaid gift cards. In the event of health troubles and emergencies our employees are offered aids or low-interest loans.

In 2014, NEUCA put in place a program addressed to the parents as part of the social benefit package. It offers many forms of parenting support for both parents — from co–financing a nursery or kindergarten through layettes for children to an additional day of paid leave for the birth of a child. On the other hand, as part of the pro–health program My Dbamy we give employees the opportunity to have a free preventive check–up in their workplace (e.g. osteobus) and we promote a healthy lifestyle.


NEUCAaktywni Program

We encourage our employees to spend their free time actively – that is why we have a comprehensive NEUCAaktywni program. Three subroutines are supposed to stimulate physical activity, care about health and help to the ones in need.

Under NEUCAaktywni program, the employees regularly practice their selected sports, participate in competitions and implement other healthy habits. Their additional motivation is the fact that in exchange for their involvement NEUCA donates money for a good cause as part of NEUCA March For Health — two pro–health initiatives addressed to seniors.

NEUCAaktywni_sport is a proposal for employees who want to integrate by actively spending together their free time. Thanks to co–financing sports hall rentals the Company's sports teams can regularly train and take care of physical condition during the winter time too. Participating in NEUCAaktywni_wolontariat program, employees pursue volunteering projects in their own communities. Every year, we select the most original ideas contributing to building relations between employees – volunteers and local communities. Authors of the best projects receive financial support for their implementation. In 2015, volunteers helped in the completion of 6 projects, we provided support among others to: holidays for children, theatre performances with the participation of children — promoting a healthy lifestyle, organisation of a cycling family excursion promoting active leisure, modernisation and additional equipment for play corner in the children's hospital, organisation of a cycle of educational meetings and trainings to prepare seniors for the annual initiative, i.e. NEUCA March for Health.


Senior Academy

In 2015, thanks to the participants of NEUCA for Health March the educational project for seniors (among others students of Torun University of the Third Age and members of the Council of Elders) was carried out. It was a series of lectures on health and health prevention, developed for the needs / interests of people over 60 years of age).


Life Box

It is the second project carried out thanks to the participants of the NEUCA for Health March.

The idea is to allow emergency services to provide fast and effective assistance, especially in the case of persons who are lonely, sick or elderly. The box bears a special sticker. It contains the information given by the patient: suffered diseases, medications taken, allergies, contact data to persons who should be notified in case of emergency as well as organisational information.

Life Box with the completed form is stored by the patient in the refrigerator. A magnetic sticker is placed on the refrigerator acknowledging the fact that the box is inside . In the case of the deterioration of the health condition emergency services reach for the Life Box and the information contained therein is helping to pursue the rescue operations.

15,000 boxes were distributed free of charge among the inhabitants of Toruń and the surrounding area, they were available in independent pharmacies, and in the City Hall in Toruń.

Benefits from the program are twofold: our employees and inhabitants of Toruń are healthier and the ones in need get support.


Health before all

NEUCA activities are based on providing the pharmacies with medicines, including often life–saving ones. Therefore, there is a great responsibility involved — both at macro–social, as well as individual scales. It is natural that health is a key value that all our social actions are subordinated to. They take various forms, are addressed to different groups, but their common denominator is health care.

NEUCA dla Zdrowia Foundation

We consistently educate patients, help those who are sick or in need to access appropriate therapies, and we support independent pharmacists in pursuing their mission — pharmaceutical care. These are key areas of NEUCA corporate social responsibility strategy. We created it with the participation of our employees and groups of external stakeholders: academics, patients' groups, doctors as well as local authorities and NGOs.

NEUCA dla Zdrowia Foundation operating since 2013 and coordinating pro–social initiatives allows us to more effectively pursue our policy.

NEUCA for Health March

In 2015, there was the fourth edition of NEUCA dla Zdrowia! walkathon organised to promote healthy and active forms of spending free time. In September, we invited inhabitants of Toruń to a Nordic walking charity event. For each kilometre made by each single participant of the event we paid PLN 2 for two pro–health initiatives targeted on seniors. In total the participants of the March "produced" about PLN 175,000.

Money from the previous three editions (over PLN 350,000) supported the construction of the Stem Cell Bank in Toruń.

Help to the ones in need

Thanks to a clearly defined health–related social policy, in accordance with the adopted internal Regulations, NEUCA dla Zdrowia Foundation also supports persons seriously ill or needing help or organisations and institutions acting for them. We help by providing support in various forms – we donate medicines or any other material help, we co–finance rehabilitation and treatment. In 2015, this kind of help was addressed to charges of various institutions.

Patients Assistance Program

In cooperation with pharmacists all over Poland (more than 4000 pharmacies participate in the program) we work to improve pharmaceutical care and to strengthen the prevention, with a particular focus on patients affected and threatened by chronic diseases. We want to consistently increase the awareness of the risk factors, symptoms and effective treatment. Through pharmacies patients receive free tutorials (so far, dedicated to oncology, cardiology and respiratory diseases or diabetes), and in selected locations educational and prevention events are held, such as for example free specialist check–ups. In 2015, patients received over 600,000 free guides which reached 2 million readers.

In the area of pharmaceutical care we also support education of pharmacy students. Its practical dimension is presented during lectures by widely recognised experts who share their experience with students as part of a series of meetings Akademia Młodego Farmaceuty. In 2015, they were held in four medical universities in Poland.


Ethics and responsibility

Ethics Officer and Ethics Code

Our greatest asset are the people which is why we pay special attention to human relations, respect for differences and promotion of ethical behaviours. The function of the Ethics Officer has been in place for over a year. The Ethics Officer responds to reported attempted behaviours, being contrary to NEUCA values. Through systematic education and training there is a growing awareness of how important for the effectiveness is a good atmosphere at work. A collection of values and principles that we follow in relations inside the Company and in dealings with our customers and business partners is included in NEUCA Ethics Code.

Environmental protection

Not forgetting about responsibility for our surrounding environment, we try to minimise and constantly monitor our environmental footprint.